Here we are...:-)

Danny (born 1970) works for a danish contractor.

Lisa (born 1972) works at a danish commercial airport as a security assistent.

We live in a small but cosy village in a little lovely house, which we bought in 2005.

As a child, Lisa always had cats and other animals such as rabbits, dogs, calfs, goats, etc., so it was obvious that some kind of animal would find it’s way to our home.

Our cats are an important part of our lives and they have unlimited access to the entire house. Furthermore, they also have access to a small catrun and we have chosen to fence in our backyard and make it possible for our cats to enjoy the garden with us.

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Lisa & Danny Bergedorf

Kølkær Hovedgade 72, Kølkær
7400 Herning, Denmark
Phone (0045) 50901012

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