26 Apr 2012

We are happy to announce that Medina, Djerba & Simone all have been tested non-carriers of GSD IV. 

New kitten plan 2012

29 Mar 2012


Hobby show

29 Mar 2012


On the NSR DK Hobby Show 2012, Djerba won the title Best Top

Molly in TOP 10

18 Jan 2012


Congratulations to IP Bergedorf's Quick aka Molly being nr. 10 on the NSR DKs TOP 10 2011 for neuters

Molly lives at DK Rimturser

Latest show

18 Jan 2012


DK Bergedorf's Djerba 2x EX1 & 1x BIV - 14/15 January in Brædstrup


DK RebiCats Medina 2x EX1 & 1x BIV - 14/15 January in Brædstrup


IC Bergedorf's San Angelo CAGCIB & NOM - 14 January in Brædstrup!

Angel lives at DK Colletto's

Show results

27 Oct 2011

Website updated with show results for Djerba, Simone and Medina!

Welcome Medina!

19 Sep 2011

We welcome DK RebiCats Medina - our new lovely girl :-) 

Thank You so much to Birgitte & René for letting her move in with us ♥

Our 'new' girl

28 Jun 2011

Meet our new girl - DK Bergedorf's Djerba

Kittens 5 weeks old

5 Jun 2011

New pictures of the kittens 5 weeks old - See the page Current litter.


Kittens 3 weeks old

22 May 2011

Three weeks ago, IC Simone Perele av Fager gave birth to her first litter - 6 beautiful kittens. Take a look at them on the page 'Current litter'

Passed G2

22 May 2011

Since the last update, Lisa has passed the G2 course on the Paw Academy :-) 

For more info on the course:


New plan

21 Jan 2011


18 Dec 2010

Sweetwater, Simone and Plans updated.

New pics of Simone

7 Dec 2010

New pictures of Simone - she is now an International champion.

Passed G1

15 Nov 2010

Since the last update, Lisa has passed the G1 course on the Paw Academy :-) 

For more info on the course:


15 Oct 2010

Since last time, Simone Perele has been on show and she is now Champion. Next show is this weekend in Kolding, Denmark. And feel free to take a look under 'Kittens for sale'.

Garden pictures

26 Jul 2010

We took the kittens on a little adventure in our garden to take some 'different' pictures of them. See all the pictures in the kittens galleries on the kitten page.

Updated plans

18 Jul 2010

We have updated the plans for our next litter.

10 weeks...

18 Jul 2010

And new pictures - See them all under 'Current litter'.

New pics of Simone

18 Jul 2010

Take a look at the new pictures of Simone Perele in her gallery

Two lovely kittens looking for a new home.

13 Jul 2010
DK Bergedorf's Bingo - female, NFO a DK Bergedorf's Lotto - male, NFO n 03

Meet the two kittens and their sisters under 'Current Litter'.

New pics of Sweetwater & Cinderella

3 Jul 2010

Marie-Pierre , thank You so much for these lovely pictures.

Two lovely kittens..

3 Jul 2010

Two lovely kittens looking for a new home - see more of them under Current litter.

Female - NFO a Male - NFO n 03


7 weeks...

27 Jun 2010

And new pictures - See them all under 'Current litter'.

New pics

14 Jun 2010

Again new pictures of the four kittens - see them under 'Current litter'.

4 weeks old

5 Jun 2010

4 weeks old and time for new pictures - see them all under 'Current litter'

Now we are 3 weeks old...

28 May 2010

and it's time for new pictures - See all the pictures under 'Current litter' and enjoy :-)

DK Bergedorf's Lotte


15 days old...

22 May 2010

and time for new pictures. You can see all the new pictures under 'Current litter'. Enjoy!

New pics of the kittens

14 May 2010

New pictures of the kittens now one week old. They are all doing just great. For more pictures see 'Current litter' and enjoy :-)

Kittens born...

9 May 2010

On May 7th. Spirit Fields gave birth to 4 beautiful kittens. The farther is our own male Sweetwater. You can follow the kittens here.

DK Bergedorf's Quick

NFO show in Tune

27 Mar 2010

Show results updated for Sweetwater & Simone

Debut in TICA

14 Mar 2010

We have participated in our very first TICA show. Our new girl Simone Perele av Fager did really great and came home with fine results. She was nominated for 4 out of 5 finals :-) The results:

1x 2nd Best Allbreed Kitten ( Best Longhair)

2x 3rd Best Allbreed Kitten

1x 4th Best Longhair Kitten


The NFO-show

5 Feb 2010

Remember the NFO-show in Denmark on Sunday, March 21. 2010 - we will be there with Simone and Sweetwater

New pics of Simone

5 Feb 2010

At our last show, we had some pictures taken of our new girl Simone :-)

San Angelo

22 Jan 2010

We have recieved new pictures of CH. DK Bergedorf's San Angelo

And we have updated showresults for Sweetwater & Simone.

Next show

5 Jan 2010

The next show that we will attend is going to be the JYRAK show in Vejen on January 16th. We will bring IC Bergedorf's Sweetwater and our new girl Simone Perele av Fager*D - See You :-)


5 Jan 2010

A huge welcome to our new girl Simone Perele av Fager 

And thank You to Ulrike and Matin for trusting us with this beautiful girl :-)

Merry Xmas

8 Dec 2009

Sweetwater is now Int. Champion

8 Dec 2009

Home fra Gelting in Germany, our male Bergedorf's Sweetwater is now the proud owner of the titel International Champion. He won his certificates both days and was also nominated on sunday :-)

Going to Germany

16 Nov 2009

Our next show will be the Cats & Co. show in Gelting, Germany - 05/06 december. We have entered DK Bergedorf's Sweetwater NFO gr. II cl. 7 to the show.

Results Hobro DK

16 Nov 2009

Saturday: DK Bergedorf's Sweetwater CAC = Champion :-)

Sunday: CH DK Bergedorf's Sweetwater CACIB BIV NOM :-)

Showcase Of Beautiful Textured Web Designs

30 Oct 2009

Weeiiii, we are so proud. Our new web design has been chosen to the article Showcase Of Beautiful Textured Web Designs. on Smashing Magazine. Thank You so much Izabela for all your help and huge congratulations to you too :-)

Next show

28 Oct 2009

Our next show will be the JYRAK show in Hobro - 14/15 november. We have entered DK Bergedorf's Sweetwater NFO gr. II cl. 9 to the show.

New website

6 Oct 2009

Finally, our new website is online :-) We hope You like it. Bits and pieces are still missing but now it's online. Please, take a tour and feel free to leave a comment in our guestbook. Best regards Danny & Lisa

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