A family based breeding of the Norwegian Forest Cat - registered in FIFé and TICA...

Prosperity, health and a fine temperament are the most important key words for our cattery and we aim at breeding healthy and harmonious cats typical of the breed of Norwegian Forest Cats.  Read more...

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26 Apr 2012

We are happy to announce that Medina, Djerba & Simone all have been tested non-carriers of GSD IV. 

New kitten plan 2012

29 Mar 2012


Hobby show

29 Mar 2012


On the NSR DK Hobby Show 2012, Djerba won the title Best Top

Molly in TOP 10

18 Jan 2012


Congratulations to IP Bergedorf's Quick aka Molly being nr. 10 on the NSR DKs TOP 10 2011 for neuters

Molly lives at DK Rimturser

Latest show

18 Jan 2012


DK Bergedorf's Djerba 2x EX1 & 1x BIV - 14/15 January in Brædstrup


DK RebiCats Medina 2x EX1 & 1x BIV - 14/15 January in Brædstrup


IC Bergedorf's San Angelo CAGCIB & NOM - 14 January in Brædstrup!

Angel lives at DK Colletto's


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