How did it all start....

Like many others before us, we started with buying a pet. Previously, we had had the most lovely house cat and now wanted a cat again. We didn't have any doubts that it was to be a purebred cat..........but which breed? Danny wanted a large cat and it didn't take long before we fell in love with the Norwegian Forest Cat. Our first Norwegian - Rytterparkens Aries moved in and took our hearts by storm.

As we agreed to look for cat no. 2, we started learning about standards, genetics, diseases, etc. Many hours were spent trying to find the perfect cat for our new plans of becoming a breeder. Finally we found her - Danny had visited a certain webpage many times and when Lisa saw the kitten in real life, she was in love too. So, in november 2005 Wegiewood's Dark Demerara moved in.

Now the cats have become our mutual interest. Danny takes care of both the daily and the show grooming - usually he is also the one presenting the cats for the judge. And of course, he is the handyman of the cattery. Lisa has a great interest in genetics and nutrition. She is also the one deciding which shows to attend and is the woman behind all the 'paperwork'. We both participate in the daily routines.

 We very much enjoy attending shows in both Denmark and Europe. We really enjoy this 'networking' with other breeders.

Prosperity, health and a fine temperament are some of the most important key words for our cattery. First and foremost, the cats are our pets and for us close daily contact with all the cats is very important. Therefore we will only occasionally have kittens. All cats live inside the house with us but they have also access to a small cat run and we have also chosen to fence in most of our garden so the cats can enjoy this too. 


In january 2006, our cattery was registered in FIFé and in 2009 we decided to also have it registered in TICA. We are members of the following danish clubs Jyrak (FIFé), Viking Cats (TICA) and Norsk Skovkattering.

Please, feel free to contact us with any questions You might have and please leave a comment in our guestbook

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