The Rockstars

Dam: DK Rytterparkens Aries Born: 16.09.2006 Sire: IC Bsolsens Aslan


GIP Bergedorf's Cinderella female -  n 03 Bobby.L's
Bergedorf's Janis Joplin female - n 03 sold for pet
Bergedorf's Jimi Hendrix male - n 09 22 sold for pet
Bergedorf's Red Hot Chilli Pepper female - f 09 22 sold for pet
Bergedorf's She was Mick Jagger female - n 09 sold for pet

GIP DK Bergedorf's Cinderella at the NFO expo in Tune 2010 - Thank You so much for the picture Marie-Pierre!

Cinderella on stage in Husum aug. 2009 and Grand Int. Premier :-))

Cinderella one month

Red Hot Chilli Pepper 15 weeks old

Beautiful Jagger is now called Pjuske :-))))

Jimi Hendrix 1 year and 3 months oldl

Jimi Hendix 12 weeks old

Janis Joplin 9 weeks old


Janis Joplin 5 weeks old

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