IC DK Bergedorf's Sweetwater

Color: n 09
Born: 12.08.2008

Breeder: Own breed
Sire: IC Rimturser's Texas
Dam: GIC Wegiewood's Dark Demerara

GSD IV free
HCM normal february 2010, HCM mild december 2010
Vægt: 6,3 kg (december 2010) 
Note: Will be neutered in 2011 

The Gamblers - 2010

All show results

Show highlights: Int. Champion, 2x CAGCIB, 7x BIV, 6x NOM

Unfortunately, Sweet has been tested HCM mild in december 2010. Naturally, he will not be used for breeding anymore and will be neutered during 2011 - his offspring will also be neutered.



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